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Looking for perfect gift ?


Classy, elegant, shiny: Love bracelet will add a sparkly touch to your outfits ! Wear it day or night 


Material: 925 Sterling silver

Zircon stones AAA

Dimension: 17,5cm or 20,5cm

(delivered with 3cm expander)


Care Instructions

Even though our small jewels are water resistant, we recommend that they do not come into contact with perfume, chemicals or cosmetics so that they can maintain their shine, color and luster. If a piece of jewelry darkens at the level of the clasp rod, rub your piece of jewelry vigorously with a dry, smooth cloth: your piece of jewelry will regain its color and shine.​ Plated jewelry may tarnish and flake off over time, they allow you to take care of it on a daily basis. Get used to storing them carefully in the packaging provided when you are not wearing them.


Diamètre barre : 1,2 mm

Diamètre anneau : 6 mm